9th October 2019

Audit log

We now offer Full Audit log functionality for Enterprise Plan customers so they can keep track of what actions are performed in the system by different accounts.

Similarity matrix

Add Cohen’s Kappa option to compute the similarity matrix. Available in project settings. Read more about it here.

Ground Truth

If you open up one of your project data manager, you can now see Ground Truth score columns. This column is calculated by matching the current model prediction against ground truth value. The higher the value, the better.

Shortcut tag

Experimental support for the shortcuts. Shortcuts are predefined labeled pieces of data you can add by hitting either a button or a hotkey associated with a shortcut. In the example config below hitting “ctrl+1” adds a value into a textarea.

  <TextArea name="ta" rows="4">
    <Shortcut value=":SILENCE:" alias="Silence" hotkey="ctrl+1" />